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Our beginner-friendly, 100% online Front-End Development career path guides you from your first lines of code to a portfolio of projects. Become a hire-able developer for a fraction of a cost of a bootcamp.
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What is front-end development?
As a professional front-end developer, you'll use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React to craft web pages and develop engaging user-focused web applications. You'll work closely with designers to make web applications beautiful and functional.
Online & Self-paced
You decide when and how much time you want to invest into learning front-end development. We've designed this career path to fit into your life, no matter how busy it is.

There are no prerequisites to start. Your dedication and commitment is what matters.
In-demand skills
Demand for front-end developers is growing and is projected to grow by 16% by 2032, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report from May 2022.
From zero to front-end hero in 13 steps
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Intro to Web
Welcome to the path! In this section you'll get introduced to the field of front-end development.
Intermediate HTML &
Learn to build a structure of a webpage using HTML. Create layouts and style them using CSS.
Comparisons &
Master comparisons and Loops in JavaScript for creating dynamic and interactive projects 
Discover how Flexbox creates flexible page layouts. 
Create a grid layout using rows and columns.
Arrays & Functions
Use arrays to store a group of values in a variable and code functions to make code reusable and easier to read.
Objects & ES 6
Create objects to store related values into a variable and learn how to use ES6 arrow functions.
DOM & Events
Learn about the document object model tree and position-based access. Use JavaScript events to make webpages react.
Semantic HTML &
Use semantic HTML to make your code more readable. Improve websites' accessibility and ensure better user experiences.
Synchrony &
Asynchrony in JS
Learn to override the normal execution flow to handle external data.
JavaScript Classes
Level up your JavaScript skills by learning how to implement Classes.
Learn React, the most popular JavaScript library for building scaleable user interfaces and making complex webpages faster than ever.
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What to expect
This career path will teach you all the skills you need to become a hireable front-end developer. You'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and more. You'll go through 13 content sections, 85 coding challenges, and 13 guided projects for your portfolio. 
Interactive platform

Prepare for an engaging learning experience. Our platform serves up concepts, coding practice, and projects in one window.

13 Portfolio projects on GitHub

You'll build real projects while learning. You'll master GitHub and put together your personal portfolio that you can show to potential employers.


This Front-End Development career path, built by experts, will give you all the knowledge and experience that you need to start your career in tech.

Our certificates will prove your expertise and can be shown to prospective employers.
Mimo’s learning path provided a stable, sustainable pace for several months of constant progress.
Zuzana Beňová
Front-end Developer
What you'll build
After completing the Front-End Development career path, you won't only be equipped with new knowledge and skills. You'll also have 13 real-world projects in your GitHub portfolio to show to prospective employers or clients.
Get ready to build your very own Linktree-style page, where you can showcase all your socials and other links you care about in one spot.
Coffee shop menu
Craft a detailed and engaging coffee shop menu. This isn't just about listing espressos and lattes; it's about structuring information in a rich and organized way.
Pixel Paws
Bring to life your very own pixelated companion. Craft a charming pet and put your pet-parenting skills to the test with a lot of interactivity.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a career path?
A career path teaches you all the skills you need to become a hireable front-end developer. It consists of 13 sections that have been very thoughtfully put together by our experts, as well as 85 practice projects, 13 guided portfolio projects, and more. After completing it, you'll be ready to start interviewing for entry-level jobs in tech. 
What do front-end developers do? Is it worth learning?
Front-end developers work closely with web designers. Overall, when you visit a website, it's safe to assume that the design elements that you see have been created by a front-end developer.  
How is the Front-End Development path different from the Full-Stack Development path?
While front-end development focuses on the client-facing aspects of a website or a web app, full-stack development involves working on both frontend and backend components, allowing developers to create fully functional web apps. In Mimo's Full-Stack Development career path, in addition to mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Git, you'll also learn NodeJS, Express, and SQL.
What do I need to know before starting this career path?
There are no prerequisites. What's essential is that you're motivated to learn new skills and have a strong interest in coding. Your dedication is what matters the most.
Will I become employable after finishing it?
Yes! We believe that anyone can have a sustainable and a rewarding career in tech. As long as you stay motivated and finish the career path, you'll master all the skills you need to land your first job in tech. Don't take our word for granted. Check out multiple success stories of our learners that already got jobs in software engineering.
I have other questions. Who can I ask?
We're happy to answer all your remaining questions. Please email us at

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