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Lifelong Learning at Mimo

Whether it’s personal or professional growth, our team values lifelong learning and strives to make it part of our work culture.


At Mimo, teaching and learning is part of our DNA. And that’s obvious in our culture of lifelong learning at Mimo. Besides working hard on teaching millions of people how to code, we also make sure to keep learning as a team. We strive to make constant learning part of our work life. Here are a few of the things we’ve added to our process to help with that.

Why we value lifelong learning at Mimo

Lightning talks

Besides becoming better at our jobs, we also want to branch out and learn new skills. That’s where Lightning talks come in.

The focus of these talks isn’t professional growth, but personal growth. During Lightning Talks, a team member can share insights into any field they want with the whole team. We’ve had talks about greenwashing, recycling, doing taxes in Austria, finance, and how to pronounce “giphy” – you’d be surprised. We’re a team of talented people with different backgrounds, skillsets, and expertise, who are eager to share and learn from each other.

Technical talks

As an EdTech company, we have to keep up with both the “Ed” and the “Tech”. We use a lot of different technologies to make our app, which means we also have to keep our skills sharp. That’s where Technical talks come in.

Technical Talks are where we share information about the newest technologies and trends. We’ve discussed technologies like Flutter, RX operators, Web Components, and had our fair share of live demos (because nothing ever goes wrong during a live demo).

Profession Growth Budget

To keep your skills sharp, Mimo is willing to contribute to your annual education. That means paying for books, courses, conferences, and events that make you better at your role. It’s as easy as picking out an online course and telling someone you want it.

"We’re constantly growing as a company and as individuals."

Personal Growth Budget

We understand the need for both personal and professional growth, which is why team members get a monthly personal growth budget. You can use it for whatever you want to help you grow as a person. That means books, audiobooks, app subscriptions, music classes, gym memberships, or any other courses or materials.

User Interviews, Survey, and Analytics

We’ve made enormous progress over the years when it comes to our user experience, but we’re far from done. Because we’re a data-driven company, we always track our metrics and are on the lookout for insights into how to improve.

But data on its own isn’t always enough. For more insights, our different teams turn to our users to get the scoop on what they need. We do that through surveys, user interviews, and user testing sessions. We can always learn more from our users, which is why these types of feedback have become baked into our process.

Lifelong learning - The Mimo Team

Team Retreats and Hack Weeks

After learning throughout the year, we put our skills to the test and develop new ones during team retreats and hack weeks. Those are moments when we let our ideas bubble up to the surface and see what new prototypes and projects we can work on. The sky’s the limit, meaning you can choose whatever project you want, no matter how ambitious. It’s the perfect time to try to learn new skills and apply them to something meaningful.

At this point, we’ve worked on too many ideas to count, ranging from automated translations with machine learning, redesigning our content structure, and even defining our company values.

Always learning

This is what we’ve come up with so far as a team, not because we have to, but because we want to. We’re all in the same boat, so we plan on learning as much as we can along the way.

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Fun Facts about Mimo

What does Mimo mean?

One of the most asked questions we get all the time is about our brand name. Wether it’s from new colleagues, friends or learners, people want to know what does Mimo mean. We recently ran a “surgery” on our Twitter account and it seems that a lot of people don’t know what does Mimo mean, however, we got plenty of funny suggestions.

The meaning behind our brand name is not a secret, and it’s actually shared on our Help page. To keep it short, Mimo stands for “micro moments”. We designed Mimo with the purpose of making coding accessible to everyone. There are many small moments throughout the day that you can use to learn something useful, like coding. What better way to use your micro-moments than to learn coding, right?


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