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My coding journey: How Learning to Code Has Changed My Life

Hannah from Pittsburgh shares the profound impact learning to code has had on her life.


“Learning to code has changed my life.” Let’s see how it all started and and how a small step can lead to great achievements.

Learning to code can actually change your career and life

What inspired you to pick up coding?

In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Needless to say, the Philosophy field is not very dynamic. I have spent the last ten years after college trying to get my career off the ground in various different ways. I have tried customer service, medical billing and coding, risk management, and even became a licensed massage therapist! Nothing has seemed to stick, and when an economic downturn or company is resizing, I was always the first to go because I was not bringing anything of tangible value to the table.

After a series of unfortunate events during 2018-2019, I was unemployed and then found a work-from-home job and thusly furloughed during COVID-19. I took this opportunity of downtime to learn skills finally. Valuable skills. Skills that could set my ship on the right course. I had no idea where to start and after reading Google Play reviews downloaded Mimo along with a handful of other apps. Mimo has been fun, highly interactive, and has made learning easy for me. I am a hands-on learner, and this is absolutely perfect!

How has learning to code changed your life?

Learning to code has changed my life because I am now headed down a path to potential economic stability and personal growth. I look forward to working on complex projects and working on things that improve people’s lives.

What are you doing with your coding skills?

I am working side-by-side with my school-age son, who has already been learning Python, CSS, and HTML on his own. He would like to start his own tech company someday, and I am happy to be going on this adventure with him. I am building a portfolio and expanding my knowledge.

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