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Coding for Beginners: 5 Useful Tips to Consider

Coding for Beginners: 5 Useful Tips to Consider

It takes time to become good at coding, and you have to be a bit patient, dedicated, and passionate about it. Here, you’ll find 5 tips that will drastically increase your chances of sticking with it!


Whether you’re interested in coding for fun or for taking it up as a career, learning to code isn’t an overnight task. However, we’ve been there, and we know exactly what to do to increase your chances of sticking with it.

Our top coding tips for beginners

1. Start coding

You want to build the next Facebook? Or the next Spotify? That’s fantastic! But not so fast. First, you need to start to learn coding somewhere. We recommend you begin with the basic concepts of programming and try to understand what you can achieve with a few lines of code.

When it comes to starting, there are a bunch of options. JavaScript, Python, HTML, just to name a few. We believe there’s no silver bullet, but the most crucial factor is you actually start somewhere. We wrote a blog post that might help you understand the different options a bit better. But, starting somewhere and learning to code is more important than picking a specific coding language.

2. Coding on a daily basis

You want to make sure you stay consistent and continue to learn. You can learn to code anytime and it doesn’t matter where you are. Whenever you have a bit of time, try to use it for coding to keep the ball rolling. When you have a bigger chunk of time to spare, use it to explore real-world projects and to dive deeper. When you code regularly, you’ll make a habit of writing code, and this will help you not just become better at coding but also help build your confidence.

3. Sleep

Coding sometimes feels like it’s impossible to master. Some concepts just don’t make any sense, and giving up is the only option. At such a point, you may feel like stopping, and, actually, that can be a good idea. If you’re stuck, sometimes all you need is to step away, get a good night’s sleep and a fresh mind to tackle the problem the next day.

Studies have shown that you remember and understand new concepts better when you prioritize sleep. So don’t underestimate the power of sleep, especially if something is tough to comprehend.

4. Ask questions

During your learning process, never hesitate to ask questions. Questions can help you understand a problem better by just formulating the problem in the form of a question. In many cases, that’s already enough. If you believe it or not, the simple act of writing down a question can help us to discover the answer ourselves. But more often than not, you actually want to ask the question as well. It helps if you have someone at hand who can give you a hand if you need it. If you’re not that lucky to know someone who might be able to help you, you can check out online communities. The developer community is famous for its helping hands.

5. Finally, don’t get demotivated

As said before, we know there are times during your learning process that make you feel like giving up. But remember the valleys are just part of the journey. Everyone experiences these tough times. The differentiating factor between someone who’s good at coding and the rest is, in most cases, the willingness to continue when it’s hard to do so.

Bonus tip: Use Mimo to achieve your coding goals

We built Mimo to help you get started with coding, pick the perfect language to start with, stay consistent, and get through tough times. You’ll see sticking with learning something new was never that easy.

If you follow our five tips, you’ll get a lot closer to building your billion-dollar idea at some point. We believe in you! Now, let’s crush it!

Start by downloading Mimo from App Store or Google Play and learn to code for free.


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