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How Much Does Mimo Cost And Is It Worth It?

How much does a Mimo subscription cost? Is it worth the investment? Find the answers to these questions in this article.


Curious about Mimo Pricing and if it’s Worth it?

If you want to know the price of Mimo subscriptions, how Mimo’s pricing is structured, and if the subscriptions are worth it, this guide provides answers to your questions.

Mimo Makes Coding Accessible

At Mimo, we want to make coding accessible to learners around the world. With resources and tools to learn effectively and engagingly, we’ve already helped over 25 million people get into programming. Many learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at first and moved on to Python and React, but you can choose any coding journey you like.

Mimo Enhances Your Coding Skills

With bite-size exercises and guided projects, Mimo helps you build coding skills while keeping you motivated. Lessons fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. As you progress, you’ll tackle projects that mirror real-world applications, advancing your confidence proficiency at the same time.

Is Mimo Free? Learn to Code for Free with Mimo Basic

With Mimo Basic, you can learn to code for free and even apply your coding skills to projects at no cost. In fact, making coding accessible is Mimo’s mission, so the core features of Mimo are and will remain free. That’s how we can ensure that every learner, regardless of their financial situation, can learn web development and more.

Double Down With Mimo Pro and Mimo Max

The Mimo Pro subscription helps countless learners commit to their goals and learn faster. Pro members get an ad-free experience, unlimited hearts and projects, personal certificates, and more.

With Mimo Max, we created a high-quality learning experience for aspiring developers. Max includes career paths, guided projects, unlimited access to the Mimo AI tutor, and more. Powered by artificial intelligence, Mimo Max provides a powerful alternative to coding bootcamps at a fraction of the cost.

Comparison: Mimo Basic, Mimo Pro, and Mimo Max

To help you decide which membership is right for you, we’ve created a table with the key features of Mimo Basic, Pro, and Max. From the ad-free learning experience of Mimo Pro to the professional features of Mimo Max, learn which plan suits your goals.

Mimo BasicMimo ProMimo Max
Projects (Playgrounds)2UnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited Hearts
No Ads
Streak Repairs
Personal Certificates
Career Paths
Guided Projects
AI Tutor
Professional Certificates
Key features of Mimo Basic, Mimo Pro, and Mimo Max

Mimo Pro Cost vs. Value: Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

To outline the cost and value of Mimo Pro and Max, we use transparent pricing and explain the main benefits of each plan. Learn more about our monthly and yearly plans and find the perfect fit for your budget and learning objectives.

Additional Benefits That Make Mimo Pro and Mimo Max Worth It

Subscribing to Mimo Pro or Max has a variety of additional benefits. For example, members can build real-world projects and get access to special community features. By becoming a member, you’ll also help us continue providing free coding education through Mimo Basic.

Try Mimo Pro or Mimo Max at No Cost

To ensure you’re making the right choice, we offer free trials of Mimo Pro and Max. During the 7-day free trial period, you can explore a full range of premium features without any commitments or costs. If you change your mind about becoming a member, you can cancel your free trial at any time during the trial period.

How the Free Trial Works

To be eligible for a free trial, you must be a first-time subscriber. To start a free trial and explore the enhanced features of Mimo Pro or Max, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register or Log In: Begin by creating a new Mimo account or logging into your existing Mimo account.
  2. Decide On Your Plan: Choose Mimo Pro and Mimo Max, depending on your preferences. Each plan offers unique benefits and features tailored to different learning objectives.
  3. Activate Your Free Trial: Once you’ve decided on your plan, you can activate your free trial and enter your payment details. Rest assured, though: we’ll only charge you if your trial becomes a subscription at the end of the trial period. Until then, you’ll be able to terminate your trial at any time.
  4. Try Your Premium Access: Congratulations! With your free trial enabled, take your time to explore the full range of Pro or Max features. Take advantage of the trial period and check how the plan fits your learning goals.
  5. Decide About Subscribing: At any time during your free trial, decide whether to keep your subscription. You’ll receive reminders throughout your trial period to ensure you’ll remember to act. If you decide to subscribe, you don’t need to take any further action. In case you choose to cancel your trial, you can do so in your settings.

Discover the Mimo App: Make Coding a Daily Routine

In addition to the web platform, Mimo is available for iOS and Android, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. Using mobile-optimized input methods and game-like mechanics, the Mimo app makes learning to code easy and enjoyable.

Mimo for iOS: A Tailored Learning Experience for iPhone and iPad

For iOS users, Mimo offers a polished and intuitive interface that leverages the advanced capabilities of Apple devices. Get Mimo from the App Store and take your exercises and projects with you wherever you go. In the Mimo app, lessons are bite-size to fit into your lifestyle and help you work learning to code into your daily routine.

Mimo for Android: The Coding App for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Learners with Android devices also get an optimized Mimo experience for breaks, commutes, and other opportunities on the go. Designed with a wide range of form factors in mind, Mimo for Android offers a great learning experience on any Android phone or tablet.

Is the Mimo Coding App Free?

Titled “Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming,” the Mimo app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. Like on the web, you can select Mimo Basic, Pro, or Max (currently only available on iOS and the Mimo website). Your membership also works across devices and platforms.

Start Coding Today with Mimo

Whether you want to learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or SQL, Mimo helps you take your coding journey above and beyond. Sign up or download Mimo from the App Store or Google Play to enhance your programming skills and prepare for a career in tech.


Learn to code anytime, from anywhere