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How much does Mimo cost and is it worth it?

How much does Mimo cost and is it worth it?

How much does a Mimo subscription cost? Is it worth the investment? Find the answers to these questions in this article.


Curious if Mimo Pro is worth it? Check out what’s included and how much it costs.

How much does Mimo cost? Is Mimo Pro worth the investment? Can you learn to code on your phone and change your career? You’ll find answers to these questions below.

Our story

Mimo was founded in 2016 with the mission of making coding accessible. Today, we are proud to have helped over 20 million people learn to code.

How does the Mimo app work?

The Mimo app features a collection of bite-size exercises that teach you coding during your downtime. After a few weeks of learning with Mimo, you can build a learning habit and get more confident in your coding skills.

What is Mimo Pro?

Mimo Pro is a subscription that allows you to skip any interruptions and learn faster with the Mimo app.

Mimo coding certificate
Mimo coding certificate

Is Mimo Pro worth it? 

The Mimo app is available worldwide for iOS and Android devices and is FREE to download and use. You can learn with the Mimo app for free and access a variety of exercises, coding paths, and other features for learning and practicing to code.

If you want to gain coding skills faster and more effectively, you can subscribe to Mimo Pro. It gives you access to advanced features like an ad-free learning experience, unlimited playgrounds, and coding certificates, among other benefits.

"It’s worth it. If you love coding and want to enhance your learning, or just want to learn the basics of coding in general – download it!"

How much does Mimo Pro cost?

Why should you pay for a Mimo Pro subscription when the app is free? As a company, we need resources to continue our mission of making coding accessible and free for millions of learners. We also need resources to maintain our products and to create and update the content regularly. This way, our learners can have the best learning experience with Mimo.

By getting a Mimo Pro subscription, you support our goal of making coding accessible and our team working on improving and updating the curriculum and releasing new features. All these enable us to offer an even faster and more efficient learning experience.

What is the freemium business model?

To offer everyone free content and features in the Mimo apps, we use the freemium business model. This has many advantages. As a learner, you can learn with Mimo for free for as long as you want. If you want access to extra features for faster and more effective learning, you can purchase a subscription.

We offe monthly and yearly plans of Mimo Pro subscriptions. For yearly subscriptions (as it’s quite a commitment), we offer a free trial period during which you can test all Pro features and decide if you want to continue using them.

If you’re worried that you might forget to cancel the trial after you start it, we have you covered. We’ll send you reminders via email and a push notification two days before your trial period expires so you can cancel it in time.

What’s included in the Mimo Pro subscription? 

Unlimited Playgrounds

At Mimo, we want to make your learning experience practice-oriented. Therefore, with Mimo Pro, you have unlimited playgrounds to practice and create as many projects from scratch as you like. All you need to do is select a template and start coding.

Mimo Certificates

We know how important it is to have your efforts rewarded. All Mimo Pro users can get personalized Mimo coding certificates that showcase that they have completed the paths for the most popular programming languages.

Access to Mimo Community

On your coding journey, you might find yourself having all sorts of questions. To find answers, connect with other learners, and start conversations with them, you can use our Community section. As a Mimo Pro user, you can ask questions about projects, and our courses, find fellow learners who are geographically close to you, or share your feedback and request new features from us.

Ad-free Learning Experience

When you upgrade to Mimo Pro, all ads will disappear from the Mimo apps, and you’ll be able to learn to code with no distractions.

How to get a Mimo certificate?

Getting a Mimo coding certificate requires dedication. First, you’ll have to build a daily coding habit and work through the entire curriculum of the path you’ve selected. Each skill you complete unlocks the next one, so you can work through more complex and advanced content as you progress.

Depending on the path you’ve started (Web Development, Python, SQL, etc.) and the average time you spend learning per day, you can finish the path and reach your certificate within a few months.

Web development, SQL and Python certificates
Mimo certificates

For example, suppose you’re learning Web Development every day and are completing all the practice exercises. In that case, you’ll be able to master Web Development and get a coding certificate in 6 to 18 months. After completing a path, you can always start a new one or go through the latest content and coding practice we keep adding every week.

"I used this app to get certificates that ultimately led to landing a job, and I still use it today to practice coding. This app is awesome, and I recommend it to everyone interested in learning to code or web development. "

Every Mimo user can set their personal learning goal and decide how much time they can set aside for learning. Furthermore, we can send you daily reminders to help you stay on track and build a learning habit. You can set your reminders at your preferred time of the day to make sure you don’t skip your daily practice. You can select and adjust reminders in your Profile.

Want to learn HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, or Python? Download Mimo from the App Store or Google Play and start coding!  


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