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Developer Tips: Here are 3 Essential Tips to Know

Developer Tips: Here are 3 Essential Tips to Know

Are you thinking about becoming a developer? We believe that’s a great decision, and to help you get started, we prepared three essential tips for you.


Any aspiring developer needs some tips, right? Being a developer is considered one of the best tech jobs in 2020 and beyond, and luckily, these days, becoming a developer is easier than ever before. Thanks to the emergence of some incredibly helpful and intuitive resources, you can turn that vision of being a developer into a reality in very little time.

Amidst issues like the coronavirus, an increasing number of people are looking to drop their office desk jobs for something that lets them have greater freedom and safety by working from home. It can be a highly rewarding opportunity to become a developer, but you’ll find it incredibly helpful to know the following essential tips before you embark on this journey.

Here are our top developer tips

Developer Tip 1: Make sure you’re passionate about coding

You’re going to be spending a lot of hours learning how to code before you become a developer. With this sort of investment into becoming a developer, you need to make sure you’re passionate about coding. Lots of hours? Nah, that’s nothing for me, you’re thinking? Wait, don’t just give up yet! Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to break this task down into manageable chunks.

Do you enjoy being creative and solving problems? Do you enjoy building all sorts of fun things? Would doing this be something you would like to be doing as a job that supports you? If so, it’s very likely that coding is for you! Welcome to this vibrant community that is at the leading edge of the tech world, with incredibly high demand in virtually every industry.

If you’re not sure yet, don’t worry. You can also just have a peek at what coding is all about and continue from there. Make sure to check out our useful tips for beginners article where we list our top tips that will help you stick to your coding habit on a daily basis.

Developer Tip 2: Set a daily goal

Gone are the days when you had to read books several inches thick to learn how to code and become a developer. These days, the entire learning process has become so easy that all you need is your computer. And for starters, even a smartphone is enough!

However, we see so many aspiring developers start to invest a lot of time into crafting their coding skills only to give up a couple of days or weeks later. We’ve been there, we know the struggle. Learning something new is hard, especially if you have a day job, and you’re learning to code on the side.

We recommend that you set yourself a daily goal and stick to it. But be careful here and don’t overdo it. Five minutes a day as a baseline is an excellent way to make sure you can always invest the time. When you have more time on your hand, set aside more time to work towards your goals.

However, setting over-ambitious goals increases the chance of not hitting them which leads to frustration which leads to giving up on becoming a developer. We know you are motivated, but trust us, set yourself a daily goal you can hit every single day. To help you making sure you stick with your daily practice, we summed up five useful tips.

Developer Tip 3: Get involved with the developer community

You don’t have to go at being a developer alone. In fact, you can gain a wealth of inspiration from other developers, as well as some professional opportunities.

There’s plenty of ways to connect with other developers today, from Meetup groups, to tech conferences, to business events. But again, here you don’t have to go all-in right away. Maybe join an online group or community and take it from there. Get outside of your comfort zone, and enjoy the rewards that come with it!

Bonus Tip: Use a coding app

Making sure to stay consistent and getting involved with a developer community can be tough on your own. That’s why we built Mimo. Mimo is the hottest coding app on the app stores right now, because of how simplified it has made the process of learning how to code and stick with it. Whether you’ve never written a single line of code or you know your way around code already, Mimo and its personalized learning path is the perfect place to start or continue your coding journey.

When you use the app, you get a personal curriculum adapted to your prior knowledge and goals. From there, you’ll learn with bite-size exercises and by writing actual code, while getting real-time feedback on your work. Plus, you can mess around and practice in a code editor on your smartphone or on your computer.

Wrapping up

Becoming a developer will be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make in your life. It will open up a door to a world of creative possibilities, as well as job security. Developers are highly sought-after, which makes it an exceptional opportunity for you to get involved with.

We know that setting aside time to learn how to code sounds sometimes like too big of a challenge, but that’s why we created Mimo. We’re taking the pain out of learning how to code, so you can finally make the jump and start coding to become a developer. Do you have other developer tips? Share them with us and our community.

So why wait? Let’s move closer to your goal – together!

Download our app from App Store or Google Play and start learning HTML, SQL, JavaScript or Python today.


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