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Coding: 5 Reasons You Need to Learn to Code For Free Now

Learn to code, they said. It will be beneficial, they said. But why? Let’s have a closer look at 5 reasons why you need to learn coding. Now.


Almost a decade ago, Marc Andreessen, partner at venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz, published an essay on Why Software Is Eating the World with a clear message: the time of software has come and coding is becoming an important skill to learn. Today, this is more true than ever and people can start learning to code for free. Software has become a decisive factor in almost every industry, and there are very few businesses that don’t make use of the power of technology to improve and speed up their processes and increase margins, productivity, and profits.

Can you learn to code for free with Mimo?

We see more people than ever starting to learn coding even if they don’t have concrete dreams of working as a developer one day. But why would they care and start coding? Can they learn to code for free? Let’s find out.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Learn Coding

Coding is fun. You’ll learn to build exciting projects and you’ll have a lot of fun doing so. It’s really fascinating to see something you created come to life on a screen. Learning to code for fun is already a great reason to pick up coding, but here are 5 more reasons to help you to decide whether to pick up coding or not.

1. Learning to code can open up job opportunities

There are many job opportunities where coding is the primary job, but there are so many more where programming is helpful to get hired or promoted. Even if you’re not working as a developer, knowing how to find your way around code can be extremely helpful. According to The Future of Jobs Report 2018, companies say that 54% of their workforce needs to be trained to keep up with new technologies. Imagine the competitive advantage you have if you’re ahead of the curve. The best part about coding is that you can start learning to code for free, you don’t need to go to college or buy expensive courses.

2. Coding will make you more independent

Most jobs are dependent on technology nowadays. We use software to help us accomplish our tasks on a daily basis. The applications we use are becoming more user friendly, but they still force you to operate in their given constraints. As soon as you want to go beyond the offered functionality, you simply can’t. Unless you know how to. Analysing a big data set? Automating messages? Putting together a landing page? Or changing 1,000 rows in a spreadsheet at once? All of that is easily doable if you know some coding. Learning to code is free and easy to understand to anyone out there.

If you stumble across problems like these at work, you don’t need to wait for the development team at your company to help you get the job done anymore when you learn coding.

3. Being a programmer is (pretty) recession-proof

While some jobs might be lost during a recession even in the programming field, there will still be millions of unfilled jobs. That’s simply because computers run today’s world. If you’re flexible and willing to change fields, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw this first-hand: of course there are coders that may lose their jobs but, overall, programmers are still searched for. Programming is not too hard to learn, so why not start today? You can learn to code for free with Mimo.

4. You can be your own boss

There are as many or more freelance programming jobs as there are full-time programming jobs in the world. And lots of tech companies and non-tech companies are looking for freelance help. This work might be creating a single piece of a program or a specific function or creating an entire mobile app. You can choose your clients, set your own schedule, and work from anywhere you want. And if working on your own schedule is not your thing, you can always look for employment as well. That’s up to you.

5. Coding will help you to look at problems differently

As Steve Jobs put it, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think.” We couldn’t agree more. When you start coding, you’ll discover a new way to look at problems and you’ll learn how to find your way around difficulties. On top of that, you’ll improve your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. And this is not just important for development but a skill that’s highly transferable to other areas like work or school.

Get Started Now and Be an Expert in No Time

Today, learning to code is easier than it ever was. Give it a go and, in no time, you’ll be making use of your new skill set. Are you still afraid that it might be too complicated to learn coding? Have a look at our post Programming: Is it Hard to Learn?, where we explore why so many people believe coding is hard to learn and why that’s not the case at all.

Start your coding journey by downloading the Mimo app from App Store or Google Play and learn to code for free today. You can code, too.


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