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Learn to code online: Mimo on the web is in open beta

After many requests, we’re launching a web product so you can learn to code online from your desktop. Mimo is coming to the web.


Become a web developer with Mimo on the web

By now, over 17 million learners have started their journey and learned to code with Mimo. We’ve helped countless beginners build confidence in their coding skills, high school or university students prepare for exams, and professionals change their careers or get promoted. We’re humbled to have made difference in the lives of so many people around the world, but we’re not stopping here.

Over the years, we’ve been getting multiple requests from our users asking for a way to learn coding with Mimo on a PC. And we’re very proud to announce that our new product for the web is now in open beta!

Why are we launching Mimo on the web?

Mimo was started as a mobile app with the goal of making coding accessible. Today, our apps are used by over 17 million learners worldwide. And, as we’re on a mission of making coding accessible, giving our users a chance to learn to code on desktop too, was a natural development. For over a year, we’ve worked on a new and improved learning experience for those who want to use Mimo on their desktop.

Is Mimo on the web an extension of the Mimo app?

Mimo app can be used by everyone who wants to learn to code on the go, during their downtime and dip their toes into coding. Mimo on the web is perfect for those who want to code on a computer, type on their keyboard, and code more advanced projects from scratch. It will give you a more “real-life” coding experience, but both products are designed to complement each other. 

The coding path on the web covers the web development track featuring languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and the introduction to the backend.

How does the open beta work?

Mimo on the web is still a new product and a work in progress, that’s why we are looking for your feedback on what can be improved and all the problems that you might encounter. Your feedback will hugely help us improve Mimo on the web for millions of learners and will enable us to provide you the tools you need to reach your learning goals and become a web developer.

If you want to be among the very first beta users to try out Mimo on the web in your browser, all you have to do is sign up for it for free or log in with your existing account and continue where you’ve left off.


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