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Amazing app to learn the basics of coding in an interactive way.


May 2, 2023

I love the app it has helped me enough to be able to get a job in web development.


May 3, 2023

Sooooooooooooo amazing. I never would’ve learned to code without this app.


Apr 19, 2023

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Learn to code anytime, from anywhere

With Mimo, you can always choose the experience that suits you best – on your computer or on your phone.

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Start learning to code on your phone

Gamified lessons

Learn with interactive exercises, challenges, and projects, crafted by learning experts and backed by research

Real-world projects

Build projects that apply your coding skills in real-life scenarios


Celebrate your accomplishments with shareable certificates as you reach milestones on your journey


Compete with fellow learners and climb the ranks as you complete exercises, challenges, and projects


Unleash your creativity, from trying out concepts to prototyping your ideas and realizing your projects


Connect with the community to get guidance, share insights, and collaborate with your fellow learners

Mimo learners have inspiring stories to tell

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“The coding skills acquired through Mimo’s courses made me feel more confident about my ability to code and create software.”

Clément Durandeau

🇫🇷 Paris, France

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“My goal is to learn how to code so that when I re-enter the workforce, I’ll be a more competitive job candidate.”

Stephanie Tyers

🇺🇸 Chandler, USA

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“So, I downloaded Mimo. I immediately started using it and started learning more and more about the different languages.”

Sarah Shelden

🇺🇸 Atlanta, USA

Learn to code anytime, from anywhere

You can code, too.

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