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My coding journey: How I Got My First Coding Job

Bapi from South Africa tells us how he used his extra free time during the global pandemic to acquire new skills and land his first software development client


Coding motivation: How to get a freelance coding job

In this article we’re talking to one of our Mimo users on how to get your first freelance coding job and other useful coding tips.

What inspired you to pick up coding?

COVID-19 has changed the world forever. For the time being, my life is mostly conducted online. Given this reality, I was encouraged to learn a new relevant skill. I used to think coding was impossible to learn for me. Mimo made it very easy for me to get started and pick up the basics. I can’t say I’m an expert yet, but I’m able to write and understand programs I previously perceived as too complicated.

What are you doing with your new coding skills?

I already have an assignment to build a website for one of my clients in South Africa for R25000 (~$1500). Thanks to Mimo. I work as a consultant to help businesses with auditing and financial management. One of my clients was looking for a business plan and I advised him that I could also build him a website to fully compliment the service he wants. I particularly emphasized that other stakeholders will take you more serious if they see that you have a web presence. I then researched the market rate of websites in South Africa and provided him with a quote, which he accepted.

How has learning to code changed your life?

Knowing that I now possess the basic skills to develop a mobile game for example excites me a great deal. Furthermore, knowing that I picked up these skills during the lockdown makes that time especially beneficial to me. Not only did I stay in to save lives, but I was able to learn a new skill that’s going to help me in my future. I can now put my skills to the test by registering to do freelance work online or start a new career.

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