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From downloading Mimo to starting my own Tech Company

Sarah from Atlanta, GA

I began using Mimo in 2017 and it truly introduced me to coding. I had heard of the different coding languages but was unfamiliar with the syntax. Mimo inspired me to attend Georgia Tech’s software engineering Bootcamp, as well as continue my education towards data science and analytics.

My original motivation for learning how to code was to build an app for my startup. I had a bad experience with software developers who I had hired to build my product.

When it didn’t work out, I thought, I guess I will have to learn how to do it myself.

I am not a math person, so I had to get out of my own head before I felt like I was truly making progress. Once I realized that there was very little math involved but it was more logic and creativity.. I really felt like I was progressing fast.

Learning to code has opened opportunities for me that otherwise never could have been possible. I am currently creating a music wellness app that is integrated into a larger platform for emotional health. My app will help listeners regulate their emotions and lower their stress levels by listening to music. Music has been a powerful tool for centuries in helping us with our emotions and I want to use technology in order to help more people take advantage it.

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