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How Learning to Code Has Changed My Life

Hannah from Pittsburgh, PA

What inspired you to pick up coding?

In 2011 I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy. Needless to say the Philosophy field is not very dynamic. I have spent the last ten years after college trying to get my career off the ground in various different ways. I have tried customer service, medical billing and coding, risk management, and even became a licensed massage therapist! Nothing has seemed to stick and when there is an economic downturn or company resizing I was always the first to go because I was not bringing anything of tangible value to the table. After a series of unfortunate events during 2018-2019 I was unemployed and then found a work from home job and thusly furloughed during COVID-19. I took this opportunity of downtime to finally learn skills. Valuable skills. Skills that could set my ship on the right course. I had no idea where to start and after reading Google Play reviews downloaded Mimo along with a handful of other apps. Mimo has been fun, highly interactive, and has made learning easy for me. I am a hands-on learner and this is absolutely perfect!

How has learning to code changed your life?

Learning to code has changed my life because I am now headed down a path to potential economic stability and personal growth. I look forward to working on complex projects and working on things that improve people's lives.

What are you doing with your coding skills?

I am working side-by-side with my school age son who has already been learning Python, CSS, and HTML on his own. He would like to start his own tech company someday and I am happy to be going on this adventure with him. I am building a portfolio and expanding my knowledge.

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