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Mimo Dev: Learn Web Development With Our Coding Bootcamp

Mimo Dev: Learn Web Development With Our Coding Bootcamp

Mimo Dev, our coding bootcamp, launches new cohorts for learners in Europe and the United States.


This autumn, Mimo Dev, our coding bootcamp, launches new cohorts for learners in Europe and the United States.

Land a web development job in 6 months with the Mimo bootcamp

Mimo Dev is our 6-month coding bootcamp designed to help learners continue their coding education and land their dream job in the tech industry. The program has been specially designed by our professional curriculum team to help students gain web development skills and become professional developers.

Mimo Dev offers a new learning platform, dedicated instructors, and a word class curriculum so that you can gain confidence in your coding skills. If you want to read more about our curriculum and what skills you’ll learn, head over to the curriculum section.

Our coding bootcamp focuses on teaching both hard and soft skills. We also prepare graduates for getting hired at tech companies or help them kickstarting their freelance journey. At Mimo Dev, we really strive to help our students gain real-life coding experience and offer them proper career advice.

"Mimo Dev is a fantastic program. The mix of the weekly study plan, live sessions, and 1-on-1s make a massive difference to the learning experience. I’m so glad I decided to take the program."

Mimo Dev: study plan, curriculum, and benefits

After enrolling in our 6-month coding bootcamp, each student gets access to the platform where the curriculum is laid out step by step. Every week, students receive a study plan from their instructors. They automatically become a part of the Mimo Dev community where they can ask questions, motivate each other, and share knowledge every day. The instructors are always there to guide them, create personalized study plans, review learners’ code, provide feedback, and help students prepare for their new web development careers. 

Mimo Dev focuses on real-life coding experience

Anytime you need help, or feel stuck you can talk to your instructor or colleagues. Mimo Dev focuses on community and learning experience. Although it’s an online coding bootcamp, students are able to get a good feeling of what it’s like to be part of a coding school. On top of that, our world-class curriculum teaches the latest technologies and focuses on helping you acquire the skills you need to become a web developer.

During the 6-month program, Mimo Dev students master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React and work on multiple practice projects (on their own and in groups). Later, they can add these projects to their portfolios. When the online coding bootcamp is finished, they can feel confident enough to showcase their portfolio to possible clients or recruiters.

Is Mimo Dev the right coding bootcamp for you?

One of the biggest advantages of Mimo Dev is that although it’s a coding bootcamp, it’s 100% remote, which makes it possible for learners from all over the world to attend it. Because it’s an online coding bootcamp, students have the flexibility to create their own schedules and go through the program at their own pace. We believe that if you’re willing to invest 20 hours per week, you’ll be able to land a job as a web developer after finishing the 6-month program.

"Mimo Dev is more than fantastic. It offers a tailored learning program with a reasonable pace. All students are kindly, closely, professionally supervised by a huge team of very experienced developers and instructors. I fully recommend Mimo Dev!"

On our website, you’ll find a collection of stories from our recent graduates, so go ahead and read how Dimitri changed his career, Ozgur’s life-changing story, or Wilhem’s journey from PR to frontend developer.

At Mimo Dev, students of all ages are welcome, even those with little coding experience. Our online coding bootcamp uses a unique teaching method that has been proven to be very successful for most students enrolled in the program. 

How to join Mimo Dev

At Mimo, we believe that coding can open doors to amazing careers and opportunities. Since we created the Mimo mobile app, we’ve helped more than 17 million learners to learn to code and build up the confidence to pursue a career in coding.

Mimo Dev is an intensive Web Development program. It’s designed to help people to go beyond the fundamentals of coding and become professional web developers. If you’re looking to gain coding skills and become a web developer, head over to our website and apply for the Mimo Dev program.

"The best thing about Mimo Dev is that you can learn coding at your own pace. Even if you are stuck, you can always ask for help from your instructor or your fellow peers. This program helped me a lot in achieving my goal to become a web developer."


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